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Top of the Twos Top of the Twos

Don’t worry the pop pickin’ pigs Pinky and Perky only ever made it to No 47. On reflection I’m disappointed by that. The porkers didn’t bring home the bacon on this occasion. Still, they did better than Topo Gigio. Anyway. This is a small selection of songs that you might think were No 1, but they were all No 2s.…

The theme of the Week: Second Place The theme of the Week: Second Place

If you aren’t first, you aren’t necessarily last, sometimes you are just second place. It can feel a little like it though if you are doing something like trying to find a job in a competitive market or trying to get a grant. But then again, sometimes it’s cool, right? Look at this cat above. It’s Mowgleaves…

Theme of the Week: Oceans

Hey homeslice(s). It’s been a long ass day full of bullshit but I’m here (finally) and inspired by my pal, Pie, this week is about OCEANS. You can write about seas if you need to or if you are in the great lakes region, the “third coast.” Just kidding. An ocean is an ocean and if you call a lake an ocean, you’ll have…

What's Your Favourite Amusement Park Food?

Deep-fried Oreos, Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, and more... There’s no shortage of artery-blocking, coronary-causing, diabeetus-inducing options to choose from at your various theme parks, carnivals, and fairs.... all either deep-fried and/or probably served on a stick.

Theme of the Week: Amusement Parks

For everyone else, amusement parks are wondrous places, minicities even, where you can experience high-speed thrills and often exciting food and cultural events. I mean, look at Disney World—every new section is a whole adventure in itself. For Kristin Bytes, well, I included the above, which is the Euthanasia…

Flowers on the menu Flowers on the menu

Fancy some flowers for dinner? Yesterday, I had Garden Rescue on the box, a tv show where Landscape Gardener Charlie Dimock plays off against young new turks, The Rich Brothers. Hopefully by the end of the show a member of the public gets their garden spruced up something fancy.

Chelsea Flower Show Chelsea Flower Show

If you like flowers you should have been in London last week. The Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show was in full bloom and as usual thousands flooded through the gates to indulge in all things floral. Lupins rule 2018 it seems.

Theme of the Week: Flowers Theme of the Week: Flowers

Welcome to the days of late spring and early summer where everything is in full bloom. I recently was inspired by a trip to the botanical gardens (though my favorite botanical garden is Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. It’s AMAZING). I thought it’d be a bring and cheery way to celebrate our entrance into June (and if…

Hey man, it's the theme of the week Hey man, it's the theme of the week

You know, it’s been a busy day. I just finished with my class and what me and Kevin like to do the most is relax and take a load off. For him, it’s usually in the litter box or through destruction. But me, as a human, I’m more complicated. How about this week we talk about the fine art of relaxing? Yeah. Relaxation.

Twist, Resistance Wednesday PUNK’d Division: 
NK Schools Orange WH On Diplomacy; World Turns Inside Out  Plot Twist, Resistance Wednesday PUNK’d Division:  NK Schools Orange WH On Diplomacy; World Turns Inside Out 

No US ambassadors anywhere in the region, the SK PM comes out of the WH to make the announcement (remember that), and NK says NOTHING until it releases English translation declaring Bolton repugnant (welcome, we’ve been waiting for you) and Trump “worse at this than prior administrations” (SHAAAAADE, well-deserved).…

Theme of the Week: Lists Theme of the Week: Lists

Holy crap you guys. It was such a hectic weekend and then I flew in and got home at 3:30 and then ran out and taught a class from 5 until 8 and boy, am I tired. That doesn’t even mention that Kevin is doing his usual, “I will now meow for three hours and wander around to punish you.” So I am trying more self-care and…

Do the May Day Dance (and maybe the quiz too)

If it is supposed to be the start of Summer, it doesn’t feel like it. Brass monkey weather. I’m going to have a traditional glass of mead to warm up.

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