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Things Don't Go According To Plan For This Mercedes Sprinter Drift Van

The good blue Mercedes Sprinter drifting van was tripped and tipped by the bad, no-good cars that spun.

Watch A Finnish Rally Legend Drift A Cute Little BMW i3 In The Dirt

You know what I want to see more of? Dirty BMWs. Finnish rally legend Rauno Aaltonen took the humble electric BMW i3 out for a spin, and surprise! It’s a happy little drift machine.

Watch This Gorgeous Footage Of A Whole Lada Sideways Ladas In The Snow

I can’t get enough of this beautiful golden-hour Lada drift session. Here is the Soviets’ most infamous everyman’s car, getting sideways gracefully in the snow.

Drifting At Walking Speed Looks Surprisingly Fun

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or an elite driver- drifting involves speed and high stakes. Except when it doesn’t, like when you have a frozen lake in a national park to drive on. These drifters are practicing sliding at walking speed, in quiet cars, and it looks like an absolute riot.

This Lego Drift Wagon Is The Easy Project Car Of Your Dreams

YouTube user Attika has Legos, and is clearly not afraid to use them. In the past year, Attika has posted videos of some incredible automotive creations like a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a Lego Evo. Admittedly, many of the early builds are (still impressive) Lego kit creations. But this one leaves those builds in the…

I Can't Begin To Imagine How Difficult It Is To Pull Off A Reverse-Entry Drift

If you’ve ever taken a serious shot at drifting, you know there’s a lot going on and it takes some getting used to. Maybe, for you, the concept of these reverse-entry drifts isn’t so unfathomable. For me, it seems just about impossible.

Even The Cops Appreciate When You Turn A Near-Crash Into A Sweet Drift

Catastrophic brake malfunction, or sweet-ass semi-truck driftooo? Both, actually.

Two Ford Mustangs Have Officially Laid The World's Biggest Patch Of Rubber Two Ford Mustangs Have Officially Laid The World's Biggest Patch Of Rubber

A Ford Mustang just can’t help raising a ruckus, can it? At least this time the egregious tire-shredding was for a good cause, instead of straight for an innocent crowd of bystanders.

Epic Battle Of The Handbrakes Is The Ultimate Beater Drift Video

If you thought crazy front-wheel-drive chase scenes were the sole province of The Italian Job, think again. All you need for some cleverly executed stunts is a working handbrake and two ragged-out beater hatchbacks.

A Wet Nürburgring Is The Perfect Place To Drift Your BMW

Just because it’s wet at the Nürburgring doesn’t mean the day is a wash-out. You won’t be setting any lap records on the slippery surface, but you can get delightfully sideways much easier.

Behold These Crazy Supercuts Of 2016 Nürburgring Crashes And Mayhem

Bless us, each and every one, for it is time for one of the most hallowed of internet traditions: the annual Nürburgring wipe-out supercut. Behold, the most insane wrecks and fails of 2016 straight from the Green Hell.

Here's A Drifting Montage To Brighten Up Your Morning

While you were undoubtedly grilling and chilling over Independence Day weekend, the guys at Clubloose were celebrating independence in their own way.

Nice Save

Messing up on the notorious Nürburgring at high speeds is not easy to recover from. That’s what makes this “taxi” driver in a BMW 2-series MPV tackling some critical oversteer so damn impressive.

Mom Drifts Ford Focus RS, Doesn't Completely Hate It 

Alex Goy of Carfection got his mom in a Ford Focus RS with the intention to prove that anyone could drift the super-hot hatch. Luckily for us, she played along.

You've Never Seen Drifting Look This... Elegant

You may have heard the drifting mega-event East Coast Bash described as the “spirit of modern hot rodding.” Think cheap thrills and greasy fingernails. This video captures the rambunctiousness of drifting, while making the whole affair look downright pretty.

Ford Focus RS And Mustang GT Drift-Dance In Celebration Of Their UK Arrival

Please enjoy the following 40 seconds of American celebration including: AC/DC, drift mode, tire smoke, a V8, and red, (white) and blue between a Ford Mustang GT and a Ford Focus RS at Silverstone Circuit.

A 1,380 Horsepower Nissan GT-R Just Set The Drifting World Record At 190 MPH A 1,380 Horsepower Nissan GT-R Just Set The Drifting World Record At 190 MPH

Nissan put the Japanese drift champion behind the wheel of a tuned, rear-wheel drive 2016 Nissan GT-R to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest drift ever recorded. The result: a 30-degree drift at insane 190 miles an hour.

Alexander Rossi Speeds Past F1 Teammate's Smoky Drift On The Wings Of A Bald Eagle

I know that’s not what literally happened here, but it’s been so long since we’ve had an American in Formula One — indulge me, okay? Look at this pass and tell me that the Statue of Liberty herself isn’t weeping as we speak. It’s beautiful.

ICON Drift 4k: A 1500 HP Mustang, Drifting Motorcycles, And Dax Shepard Run Drugs In Mexico

Ever wonder what would happen if you and your best friend moved to Mexico to put on motorcycle stunt shows and were then approached to run drugs for a Russian maniac, but had to prove your drifting skills first?

This Incredible Video Is Appropriately Called 'Burnout Stunts And Shit' 

The StuntFreaksTeam guys from Finland are absolute mayhem on wheels. The only time they’re willing to ride with any of that whole “traction” thing is when they’re up on one wheel. Start your Monday off right, by wishing your week was over so you could go ride.

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