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The Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbak Is A Reminder That Cars Don't Have To Be Boring Trash

You’ve probably seen a Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbak before, maybe on the weird side of town with half of its clear coat peeled away. You might not have realized that it was possibly the first and maybe the only modular car ever put into production.

The Cadillac Allanté Was A Moon Rocket Aimed At Your Feet

It was an early summer afternoon in 2000. I was already on a high after asking Christina to the junior prom, but little did I know the day would only get even better. My dad raised up his keys to his 1992 Cadillac Allanté; the metal hit a glint of the sun, blinding me slightly. And then the words I had always wanted…

The Toyota Sera Was One Of The Most Perplexing Small Cars Ever Made

In a parallel universe, there exists a version of you that owns a Toyota Sera. This version of you is living in complete happiness and luxury. This you is able to speed down the streets in a sporty front-wheel drive baby coupe with butterfly doors.

The Porsche 928 Never Died, It Just Became Every Other Porsche

It seems hard to believe today, but once, the very things that made an older Porsche 911 so desirable—the engine in the rear, the air-cooling, the noise, the raw driving experience—were once seen as liabilities. The Porsche 928 was created to fix that. It failed... or did it?