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From a Woman: Life Itself Sucks From a Woman: Life Itself Sucks

The most generous thing I can say about Life Itself—a film written and directed by This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman—is that after watching it, I started crossing the street more mindfully. I felt so certain that something could and ultimately would kill me—a bus, a cab, a gun shot wound, old age, cancer, anything…

Why the Fuck Would You Watch This Is Us? Why the Fuck Would You Watch This Is Us?

I’ve never watched This Is Us, and based on the way its cast and creative team (Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and creator Dan Fogelman specifically) spend week after week telling its legion of masochistic fans that being a viewer may, in fact, lead to their untimely deaths, I don’t see why anyone has.

Did This Is Us Make You Cry? Seriously?!

I was promised tears, but the pilot of NBC’s much-hyped This Is Us left me dry. “Must-Weep TV,” said The Atlantic. “This Is Us will give you something to cry about,” said Salon. “Watching This Is Us is like getting beaten up with a pillow soaked in tears,” said The New York Times. Bullshit, I say.