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Woman Almost Drowned by Her Heavy Gown During 'Trash the Dress' Shoot

Trash the dress shoots are controversial: Some think they’re cool and artistic, some think they’re pedestrian and tacky. What no one’s really thought before this video surfaced, however, is that these photo sessions could actually be deadly. But five people had to rescue this bride from her memory-making.

Cheering For Injury Cheering For Injury

A new study from the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research reports that high school cheerleading accounts for 65.1% of all catastrophic sports injuries among girls, making it one of the most dangerous high school sports for girls. However, the study fails to mention that most girls are cut out of…

An as-of-yet unidentified man was killed in a freak wood chipper accident in Anaheim, California yesterday (home of Disneyland!). He co-workers said that he was throwing branches into is one minute and then they looked over the next and he was "gone." Supervising Deputy Coroner Larry Esslinger said, "We'll just be…