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Contrasting Elements and Shadows
Between Contrasting Elements and Shadows Between

As I noted before, Caitlin R. Kiernan’s stories for her Sirenia Digest have frequently featured nightmarish, purgatorial dialogues between two people, one or both compulsively seeking answers from the other but rarely or never being satisfied. That’s true of this month’s issue but the new story, “Iodine & Iron”, is…

Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 3 Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 3

This grouping of movies had an overall stronger showing than the last one.

Bebop's Pale Shadow Bebop's Pale Shadow

In 2001, four years after the television series débuted, Cowboy Bebop returned as a feature film with a story set just before Halloween, in between episodes 22 and 23. It has many good qualities but on the whole the unique magic of the original series is only echoed by the film. It’s not exactly bad but, taken as an…

What Does Jodie Whittaker Taste Like? What Does Jodie Whittaker Taste Like?

Turns out it’s raspberry!

Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 2 Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 2

This post doesn’t exactly start with a bang. First on the docket we have...

Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 1 Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 1

It’s probably not much of a secret around here that I’m a huge fan of October. I love the change in weather, the leaves turning color from green to browns, reds, and yellows, and it also contains my favorite holiday, Halloween. It’s always held a special place in my heart. My brother and I would run around…

Advertising Using Medieval Warfare Done Right  Advertising Using Medieval Warfare Done Right 

This is an ad created by a Ukrainian advertising company for an online service offering sports broadcasts.

New Doctor, New Desert New Doctor, New Desert

Doctor Who is now more authentically African than Black Panther: exteriors for to-day’s new episode, “Ghost Monument”, were shot in South Africa, surpassing Black Panther, which was shot in South Korea and the United States. It certainly beats a quarry and helps give this second episode of the new Doctor Who season…

Cowboys and Teddy Bears Cowboys and Teddy Bears

Indulging in some self-parody, Cowboy Bebop introduces a one-off rival for Spike named Andy, a flamboyant bounty hunter who wears the traditionally recognised accoutrements of a cowboy. Faye wryly remarks on how similar the two men actually are but the really interesting thing about this episode is in how different…

Dirg is back, xobmies! Dirg is back, xobmies!

In early 2000s, when flash animation just appeared, the series about Dirg, the sentient zombie keeping a little girl safe in the world destroyed by the zombie apocalypse, was a true delight. there were talks of a feature-length animated movie based on the idea but nothing came out of them.

Hat Trick Critiques: Altered Carbon Hat Trick Critiques: Altered Carbon

It’s been a few weeks months since I’ve written one of these. Partly it’s because I’ve been busy, partly because I’ve been watching reruns, and partly because I honestly hadn’t figured out what to write about Altered Carbon. I’m going to try.

Can't see comments or reply on site?

I’ve had this problem for a while, but only now when I want to say something is it pissing me off. The comments section on articles never loads, and I don’t know why. I’m using Chrome and turned off my adblock. I can see them when using a different browser, but can’t log in on those because there doesn’t seem to be…

"Should be Fine" "Should be Fine"

So here it is at last, the new Doctor Who, with the Thirteenth Doctor taking the series into uncharted territory. Let naysayers say what they will, I, for one, applaud the creators of the series for setting the première in Sheffield!

Houses of Autumn Houses of Autumn

Yesterday I read the new Sirenia Digest which features a very autumnal new Caitlin R. Kiernan story, “Untitled 41". It very appropriately uses the above John Everett Millais image as its cover, the story being filled with descriptions of autumn leaves.

Feng Shui in the Void Feng Shui in the Void

Mystic interior decorators may face their toughest challenge in the post-post-modern future solar system depicted in Cowboy Bebop. But fortunately this is a place bound together by the influence of feng shui.

IRP Carlos Ezquerra IRP Carlos Ezquerra

It looks like after a lengthy battle with lung cancer, Judge Dredd co-creator and Strontium Dog Carlos Ezquerra has passed away at the age of 70. Besides Dredd and Strontium, Carlos was a supremely talented and prolific artist who worked on countless 2000 AD projects over the years. His work had a real profound effect…

The Bloody Clown of Now The Bloody Clown of Now

After several episodes where elements from the past reappear to save or enlighten the characters on Cowboy Bebop, a personification of the post modern future appears and attacks Spike. The show’s effective experiment in horror is another way to portray its fundamental thematic conflict.

Chibnall's Doctor Chibnall's Doctor

I’ve written about Doctor Who every Saturday for several years now. It’s the day the show traditionally airs, after all, so it seemed appropriate. But I guess that changes next week (or technically the week after next) when the show moves to Sunday. A big part of the pitch this season is that everything’s…

That Old Drawn Magic That Old Drawn Magic

As you might’ve guessed from yesterday’s entry, the anime bug has bitten me again. I’ve been getting up earlier and I find, in addition to coffee, nothing gives me quite the necessary kick in the morning like the peppy opening theme of a new anime series. So here are a few other 2018 shows I’ve been watching lately:

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