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Could a cat detect an H. pylori infection?

Mr. Ivriniel was infected with Helicobactor pylori, the bacteria that causes ulcers. One of the things H. pylori does is create urease to neutralize stomach acid and make the stomach more hospitable to the bacteria. In the process, the urease breaks down into ammonia and CO2.

Wasp trap removed from sale after it catches 7 Chickadees

TrapStik wasp traps are sticky traps meant to catch wasps. They seem to be way stronger than they needed to be, as 1 trap captured 7 Chickadees. If you have one of these, you might want to take it down.

A Round up of some good pieces on Cultural Appropriation 

Last week the main page had a piece on the Cultural Appropriation mess that the Can Lit and Canadian Media is involved in. I have been following the issue on Twitter, and thought I would share some of the best pieces I have read:

This F-ing Twitter thread This F-ing Twitter thread

So in the wake of last week’s Canadian Media dumpster fire, I started following a number of Twitter users who are Indigenous. One thing I resolved through it all was to be more active in calling out my fellow white people on their crap.

Welp, the last week was a dumpster fire for the Canadian Media Welp, the last week was a dumpster fire for the Canadian Media

It all started with a special all Indigenous edition of Write, The Writers Union of Canada’s magazine. The editor of the magazine, Hal Niedzviecki, decided to preface the edition with an article calling on white writers to engage in cultural appropriation, going so far as to suggest that there should be a “Cultural…

The things you find when digging around in your genealogy 

So according to some nutters I am descended from a Guardian of the Holy Grail.

This is Madness

Starting in September, the Toronto Catholic District School Board will be offering a multi-lingual program for kids in Kindergarten and Grade 1. Throughout the day the language of instruction will shift between English, French, Mandarin and Spanish. The goal of the program is to have kids graduate high school fluent…

Report:  White House Officials called Justin Trudeau to ask him to call Trump over NAFTA

A couple of weeks ago, Trump was prepared to issue an executive order to start the process of pulling the US out of NAFTA, only he changed his mind after to speaking to Justin Trudeau and the Mexican president on the phone. A report today suggests that White House officials opposed to the NAFTA pullout, called Justin…

Just how rich do the Nutters think George Soros is? Just how rich do the Nutters think George Soros is?

Because according to this tweet, they think he funds Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron in addition to the Clintons, Merkel, etc. Etc.

Macron wins French Presidency Macron wins French Presidency

Well, I am glad that is over. On the downside, Le Pen is still projected to get about 35% of the popular vote.

Polish product taste test Polish product taste test

So last night I was in the Polish shop picking up some Kielbasa, when I saw these packets of “Fruity Mug” on sale for 2 for a dollar.

A spot of light on this dark day

A little girl named Anu got a new prosthetic foot, and the reaction of her school friends is nothing short of delightful.

A short film about two communities seeking reconciliation 

In 1876, the Canadian Government signed Treaty 6 with a number of First Nations in what is now Alberta and Saskatchewan. One of the signatory nations was what is now known as the Young Chippewayan band. As part of the Treaty, the Young Chippewayans were granted 30 square miles in the vicinity of what is now Laird,…

Read this thirteen year old's epic takedown of a man angered by lawn signs

An angry man wrote a letter to the editor denouncing lawn signs that read “Hate has no home here” in Winchester, Ma. 13 year old Luke Macannuco decided to respond, and it was a thing of beauty.

CND Senate Ethics Committee recommends expulsion of Sen. Don Meredith

The Ethics committee for the Canadian Senate has recommended that Senator Don Meredith be expelled from the Senate after his improper relationship with a teenage girl came to light. The position of Senator in Canada is an appointed one, so usually a Senator only leaves by retirement. If the recommendation is…

Art show cancelled over issues of cultural appropriation of Indigenous Art

Amanda PL is a white artist who is inspired by the Woodlands school of art founded by the late Norval Morrisseau, an Anishnaabe artist. She was to exhibit her work at a gallery in Toronto, but her show was cancelled after complaints by aboriginal artists.

Kevin O'Leary drops out of the CND Conservative leadership race

Kevin O’Leary, best known for having appeared on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, has pulled out of the race to replace Stephen Harper as leader of he Conservative Party of Canada. O’Leary was widely viewed as “Trump Light”.

The fish story just got weirder

So a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some drama around my youngest niece’s birthday, when her grandmother bought her a fish:

Stop using reply all, people!

At work today someone seems to have sent out a mass email that went awry. It was intended for caretaking staff, but seems to have gone out to a lot of people who are not caretakers.

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