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Dedication can be worthless without motivation. I'm dedicated to maintaining my figure, but I still had to go out and buy larger pants.


So, these men have been in the lobby chatting away in Japanese for about 20 minutes now. They keep periodically dropping to nearly whispering... even though no one in this building speaks Japanese. Old habits? I really need to learn more languages.

Stupid Cop

As some of you may know, I’m a receptionist. Where I work is high security so I need to maintain an active security guard license as my main duty is access control. We require photo ID for all visitors. OK, so background is out of the way.

Tough Year for Patience

Is it just me, or is this year particularly trying on patience? Attempting to explain that removing the confederate flag from government buildings is not banning it. Attempting to explain that freedom of religion does not include forcing other people to obey your religion. Attempting to explain that a higher minimum…