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Consumer Reports now recommends Minis.... Consumer Reports now recommends Minis....

Lost in the coverage of the decline of American brands in Consumer Reports, is that both the Mini Cooper and Mini Countryman have made it to the Recommended List (at the end of the press release).

So the Mazda CX-5 is getting a turbo

and torque vectoring!

test of a Nissan Kicks without stability control test of a Nissan Kicks without stability control

Video courtesy of Autologia, pant shitting starts at 10:30:

Ford may be waxing its Brazilian unit

Ford is officially denying this report, but VW isn’t.

FCA and Ferrari boards set to replace Sergio

I hope he recovers from his illness.

Fuck Car2Go

My last experience with Car2Go was fine.

Off-roading in Wadi Rum Off-roading in Wadi Rum

Hey Oppo. I was treated to an off-roading experience in the Wadi Rum desert of Jordan about two weeks ago.

the Chevy Sonic lives!

As per the folks at TTAC (researching CARB paperwork), there could be a 2019 model year for the Sonic after all.

$255,000 golf carts in Hong Kong

Bloomberg has a story right now on $255,000 golf carts in Hong Kong. A particular enclave for the wealthy banned cars, and limits the number of golf cart permits to 500 (for a population of 20,000 people). The titles transferred with every golf cart resale - so you’re really just paying for the privilege of driving a…

Don't lease with FCA

So I’m reaching the end of my lease with the Fiat 500, and now I’m dealing with the insanity of the lease return process.

BMW 318i pickup is best pickup

And it’s on eBay Motors!

Geely buys 10% of Daimler AG

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that Geely was trying to create an alliance with Daimler for electric vehicle tech. Daimler refused.

Da fuq? Da fuq?

Spotted in Brooklyn.

This is a misleading license plate.... This is a misleading license plate....

Spotted by a friend in Brooklyn

Bloomberg News: China moving to ban sale of internal combustion engines

Well, if this is true (no timeline set yet), the age of the ICE will be over soon.

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