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Yamada-kun and Seven Witches dubs up on Crunchyroll

That is kinda interesting. I wanted to see what was updated on Crunchyroll and found Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches in the updated section. I found it curious because the show ended a while ago and was already on there. They have a few choice dubs on Crunchyroll, so I thought maybe they put the English dubs up.

If you haven't given 18if a try, check it out If you haven't given 18if a try, check it out

This season I’ve been watching a bit more anime as it airs, as opposed to my normal binge watch at the end. One anime that I gave a shot was 18IF. I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned on AniTAY, if it was I don’t remember it. It airs Fridays on Crunchyroll and FUNimation, subbed and dubbed respectively so you can…

Crunchyroll now has FMA: Brotherhood streaming

Subbed and dubbed version. As Krakken_Unleashed pointed out for the movie night, October 3rd is an important day in the series. Kinda fitting putting it up today.

Expiring PSN Coupon Codes

Got these from the Humble Capcom Playstation Bundle. Since I don’t have a PS4, I kinda forgot about them. They expire on the first. Leave a message if you take it so no one else tries.

New pre-orders on FUNimation

They weren’t there the last time I checked, but there are pre-orders for Death Parade(and limited edition), Shimoneta(and limited edition), Overlord(and limited edition)

PSN Flash Sale

Nothing else to say, just wanted to point it out

Got some Crunchyroll Guest Passes here *UPDATED*

Update: First two are gone, last one left.

Haruhi is coming to FUNimation

In advance of the FUNinmation release next month, FUNinmation streaming has the first four episodes subbed and dubbed. Looks like 5 weeks in advance is how far ahead they release early episodes.

Didn't see it elsewhere on TAY, Flash Sale on PSN!/en-us/flash…

48 hour Crunchyroll Guest Passes

Leave a comment if you take a code.

It's July 7th, so everybody make two wishes It's July 7th, so everybody make two wishes

Just make sure their stuff you want to happen 16 and 25 years from now.

Found something nice that FUNimation has for preorder Found something nice that FUNimation has for preorder

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Great movie referenced in Flying Witch Great movie referenced in Flying Witch

This was one of those moments when I had to ask myself if I really saw a reference that I thought I saw and go back to it. I did not expect to see an anime reference that movie. I especially loved the fake title even though I had to go look up expiation.

Amazon Anime Deal - FMA: Brotherhood and Steins;Gate

Amazon is currently selling both Blu-Ray collections of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for $27.49, $54.98 for the complete series. They are also selling Steins;Gate for $23.99. One day only sale(4/20).

Ajin - Demi Human is currently on Netflix

I hopped on Netflix tonight to see they were recommending Aijin - Demi Human. Haven’t checked it out but I remember it getting some decent hype. They got dubs for it too, Johnny Yong Bosch seems to be the main character.

Update: Update: Humble Key Cleanout Update: Update: Humble Key Cleanout

UPDATE: UPDATE: So in case someone finds this, Aikage got a hold of me and accepted the keys and such as prizes. Works for me, my Humble Keys have been cleaned out a bit.

Bandai Namco Sale on PSN Bandai Namco Sale on PSN

PSN has a bunch of Bamco games on sale. I might draw your attention to Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for $4.99, Tales of Xillia for $4.99, and Tales of Graces f for $8.74. They also got Hearts R, Zestiria, and Xillia 2 on sale, but I haven’t played them yet. Ni No Kuni is on there for $9.99 too.

Little bit of randomness Little bit of randomness

I showed my brother the announcement video they did for whatever Berserk project that is supposed to come out this year, and he realized something. Missing right eye and left arm, Guts == Venom Snake.

Funimation Cyber Monday Deals

Funimation is having a Cyber Monday sale. A bunch of things off and free shipping as well. Only a little bit longer, says it ends tonight at midnight, CST.

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