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Forza Horizon Car Pass - 1/17/19 Forza Horizon Car Pass - 1/17/19

Mildly excited for the cars released today - the Porsche 911 Carrera S (992) and 1993 Porsche 968 Turbo S. I’ll be looking forward to hooning these tonight when I get home.

Moar Supra Hot Takes Moar Supra Hot Takes

Like most of you, I’ve been waiting to see what Toyota actually does with the reincarnation of the Supra nameplate and, with the final unveiling, I’m actually rather pleased.

Paging Miss Mercedes

There’s a Smart ForTwo dealer display for sale on BaT. I think you should make it yours :)

Audi Sport Performance Drive

Yesterday I had the awesome experience of participating in the Audi Sport Performance Drive. It’s a free event that provides instructed time behind the wheel of Audi Sport R/RS cars at either Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, GA or Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL. I’ve been on the waitlist for months, but…

Unnecessary Porsche Shopping Unnecessary Porsche Shopping

Hello Oppos (or is that Obbos now?) Like many of you, I engage in unnecessary car shopping and since selling my BRZ last year for the S3, have been longing for the best of both worlds – a great DD like the S3 and something small and sporty. Since I already have the S3 and, while it’s awesome, I need the small and…

Didn't Know These Were a Thing

On my commute in a few minutes ago, I saw a white BMW Gran Coupe up ahead. It looked a little lower and squatter with fatter tires than a typical one, so I figured it might be a M6. Well, I was wrong.

How Loudly Should I Complain?

As I posted up a couple weeks ago, we bought my wife a new car from out of state. It was a 2017 model and was a factory demonstrator for an area Kia representative, never privately titled, under 16k miles when we bought it.

New Wifey-Mobile

After much help from fellow Oppos about the process of totaling a car and then working with the insurance company on a settlement, we’ve finally settled and have found a replacement for her poor 2012 Rogue.

Insurance Oppos - Finally a Verdict

Three weeks (!) ago, I posted asking you guys to educate me on the process of totaling out a car. Lots of great insight, so thank you all for that.

Picked out new shoes for the S3

Kinja hates me and won’t let me upload or link pictures, so here’s a URL, lol:

Another Forza 7 Gripe

A couple weeks ago I complained that Forza 7 wasn’t very good. Thanks to the awesomeness of fellow Oppos, many of my problems were correctable within various menu options. Now, I have another complaint, but am not sure how to correct it.

Insurance Oppos - Learn me on totaling out a car

My wife was rear-ended in her Nissan Rogue last week by a young girl (supposedly not texting) in a Camry. The Camry definitely looked like toast and had to be pushed from the scene, but the Rogue was damaged, but driveable. My wife took it to a bodyshop that day who went ahead and provided a quote for repairs of…

Hot Take - Forza 7 isn't very good

Full disclosure: Turn 10 wanted me to review this game so badly, they got me hooked on Forza 6 and FH3, so I paid my own money to Wally World for a pre-ordered copy. I received my copy of the Ultimate Edition on Friday night and spent a little bit of time playing it this weekend.

We Bought a Thing

Would love to post a picture, but since Kinja hates me, I can’t. Let me try:

Talk to me about the Mk7 Golf R and Audi S3

Posted up on Friday that I’m currently kicking around some ideas for something a little more practical, and was considering stuff at multiple price points. My wife and I took some time out on Saturday to look at a few examples of the cars on the list, with the Golf R being the favorite of the day.

Best cars at $15k, $20k, $25k, $30k pricepoints

Starting to kick around the idea of selling/trading my BRZ again, because reasons and just trying to consider what might better suit me for a vehicle now, at various pricepoints. Cheaper always better, obviously, but going up to $30k or so is pretty easily doable, too. That got me thinking about what might be a good…

1993 MR2 - NPoCP?

A guy on one of my Facebook car groups has listed this MR2 for sale. Overall, it doesn’t look too bad, but definitely needs some love, but I think his price of $4750 reflects that.

Oppo Homebuyers

Calling all Oppo homeowners – interested in your opinions. Within the next six months, my wife and I will be buying our first home together. We live in the righteously cheap state of North Carolina, so you can buy a lot of house for your dollar. Cost obviously escalates for more desirable neighborhoods and…

Shenanigans on BaT?

Nissan President Sovereign was up for grabs by Montu Motors at a No Reserve auction. Initial bids were low, then shot from $5000 to $15000, with nobody else to bid again.

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