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OCDyssey, part 1: Exterior A-pillar trim OCDyssey, part 1: Exterior A-pillar trim

First-run effort from a spunky Chinese startup? Controversial haste from an enigmatic electric carmaker?

A little bit of road rage schadenfreude

This is just a horrible story all around. But at least there’s some poetic justice if you’re into that sort of thing.

The van earns its keep for another day The van earns its keep for another day

Despite being a generally hateful machine, the Odyssey does excel at cargo — in this case a 96”-long couch in the back with the gate closed. 30 minutes from home, so even a truck rental would be a PITA round-trip.

Bucket list?

I have to say, my inner 8-year-old loved this story (except the sad ending). Especially since the president had to get briefed on it.

Netflix recommendations - standup comedy

There is a LOT of crap out there, including stuff from people I normally like (Chris Rock, Bill Burr, Kevin James). But this is some of the best and most creative standup I’ve seen in a while. I really enjoy good anecdotes, puns, and traditional observational standup, and in this first one, Neal Brennan does all three…

Third Day: Soul on Fire Third Day: Soul on Fire

A catchy Christian rock/country tune that has been stuck on my head since today’s FP story.

C-130 doing a loop? That’s cute. C-130 doing a loop? That’s cute.

Harold Johnson, Ford Trimotor pilot extraordinaire.

One of my favorite shirts  One of my favorite shirts 

This has Long-Voyager written all over it

Postcards from the MS Edge

Thanks to my new PC, which uses Microsoft Edge instead of IE 11 (TIL: Edge is a thing, apparently. Very edgy name!), I can post from an actual computer for the first time in almost three years.

Osprey intensifies Osprey intensifies

One of the best parts of vacationing in NW FL — Air Force and Navy fly-bys several times a day. Ospreys, F-35s, and this morning a couple of F-15s right over the beach at about 800’

Discharging immigrant military recruits Discharging immigrant military recruits

Politics and link after the pic. The first FOB in my family came from Germany just in time to serve on a Union Navy ironclad ship during the Siege of Vicksburg. It helped earn him citizenship.

Trolling Slickdeals - Parsh Computar Trolling Slickdeals - Parsh Computar

Never much fun because of all the pedants and weirdos, but sometimes you just can’t resist.

That’s my Jam (90s edition) - Luniz That’s my Jam (90s edition) - Luniz

One of my favorite hip hop songs of all time, circa 1995. Platinum single in the US at#8, but did even better in England and Germany. It’s been remixed a million times. A song all about weed with references to Growing Pains and Shinobi? That’s so 90s.

Neon ninja shoes are not just for toddlers! Neon ninja shoes are not just for toddlers!

I just got my first new pair of athletic shoes in about 3 years...New Balance Hanzo S. They’re pretty serious running shoes and I was getting tired of doing everything my Vibram Fivefingers (you know, the “toe shoes”) for their lack of versatility and likelihood to attract weird looks. I had them for over 5 years and…

DOTS - The Shaguar DOTS - The Shaguar

Seen in my parents’ neighborhood today. It’s a pretty ritzy neighborhood. I say “ritzy” because, well, it’s full of rich crackers. Tip your waitress.

Epic date night (Beatles content)

The wife and I are pretty psyched. We both grew up on the Beatles thanks to our Boomer parents. Tonight we’re going to see The Fab Four, a CA-based tribute band who does a combination of near-perfect covers and stage theatrics — they switch up instruments and costumes throughout the set, so it’s like seeing the entire…

Parking Perfection Parking Perfection

Backed in, nearly dead center, no handicapped placard or tag. Bonus points: at a church. And the house in the background is a group home for mentally disabled adults (owned by the church. The house. Not the adults.)

Hot Rod Power Tour (random shots) Hot Rod Power Tour (random shots)

I stopped by the Hoover, AL stop yesterday during the last couple hours, even as about half the group had already left for the day. Amid the sea of Hellcats and rat rods and Cameros and Killstangs were a few random gems. Crappy potato pics due to tired kids not having a great time...


The elusive goldenthumb. It likes the JK Wrangler, but only for 1-3 seconds at a time.

Monday when you just worked all weekend Monday when you just worked all weekend

Worked a couple hours Friday night, most of Saturday, a couple hours yesterday. Might have to do it again this weekend, all because senior management sets their deadlines and meetings almost a year in advance.

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