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Help! Help!

The birthday party is LOUD. I’ve got 15+ 7th graders running amok in one house. Some of the boys went out on the cul de sac and started ringing neighbor’s door bells. I had to go out and put the kibosh on that. I told them to get inside or they’d find my tire tracks on their backs (wheelchair, not car; I’m not…

So about this 10 year challenge thing So about this 10 year challenge thing

I came across this article in Wired yesterday proposing that this meme is a way to get people to volunteer data for facial recognition algorithms. It’s worth a read. Regardless of what you think about the article, and I think it’s just an entertaining read, I remain in the camp that says it’s best to avoid putting…

A mystery A mystery

This piece of my passenger rear door handle broke off over the holiday sometime in the week after Christmas. I didn’t notice when because I don’t go to that side a lot. My nephew brought it to my attention at laser tag.

Online with AT&T right now  Online with AT&T right now 

UPDATE: Cynthia is ready to close me out with a price for internet only of $109/month plus taxes and fees. Not so fast. I am on the website and see that the regular price for my internet package is $100/month. She tells me that is the current price for my service, but I started service at a point in the past when…

Indy auto show Indy auto show

First of all, it was dinky. Much smaller than I remember in years past. Some obvious makes weren’t even there, like Cadillac or genesis. Still, I found enough to entertain myself for the $7 price  

Random afternoon thought Random afternoon thought

The carfax fox should be named Vinny.

Secret Senna arrived!--Mega Update! Secret Senna arrived!--Mega Update!

[UPDATE]: I got the knife sharpener, sticker book, and DVD before Christmas(see bottom for original post), but a box was waiting for me when I returned from Indy after New Years, and what a welcome home surprise it was. It came in this:

Overcompensating.  Overcompensating. 

Yes, the orange things are truck nuts. Welcome home to Texas.

My child... My child...

I let my daughter take her shower in the hotel first. Then I go in to take mine. Of course the steam fogged up the mirror. So I came out to see that she had written “redrum” on it.

Professional grade Professional grade

I pulled up to laser tag just as this transit van was parking. I thought for a sec it was a commercial vehicle, but then a mom popped out and began unloading her 7 kids, several from car seats. This was a step above minivan level, and I told her so.

Z is for... Z is for...

The saga is over. Z is at the end. Enjoy your holidays, everyone.

Curious autofill Curious autofill

Whenever I type “Merry”, my phone suggests this first instead of Christmas. It surprises me because I’ve never typed that word that I can remember. I think my phone has been paying attention to the sites I visit and is trying to bond with me.

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