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Within days of the sale, Univision announced it would shut down the site. It makes sense; no sane corporate owner would ever give Gawker the same kind of long leash that it had under Nick. And without that absolute editorial freedom —especially the freedom to shoot itself in the foot, while its foot is in its mouth —…

Presented Without Comment [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Former Gawker staffer Ravi Somaiya talks with Alex and Nick for the NYT. Buried in the article: they’re apparently folding io9 into Gizmodo.

Gawkergate Gallimaufry

Apologies for continuing to post about all this, but I’m one of those terrible “former journalist who loves navel-gazing journalism stories” people. However, rather than constantly posting a new story every time someone posts something about Gawkergate (Gawkerpocalypse? Gawkerghazi?), I figure I’d just wrangle a…

Who Gossips About The Gossipers? (Everyone)

Gabriel Sherman at New York Magazine has an update on the latest at the Springfield Tire Fire Gawker Media.

Another One Bites The Dust: SF Bay Guardian Shuts Down

The 48-year-old San Francisco Bay Guardian has printed its last issue. According to the SF Weekly, it was founded by a husband-and-wife team looking to "print the news and raise hell." I never had the chance to read it (I like reading alt-weeklies from around the country whenever I find one) but judging from the…

Two Giants At The Top Of Their Game

I wasn't sure if anyone had posted this earlier, but the Late Show's YouTube page posted this today in tribute to the late Elaine Stritch. It's video of her Letterman appearance on July 5, 1996. Enjoy.

What's The Best Thing About The Place Where You Live?

Lately I've been very interested in people's perceptions of the neighborhoods in which they live, so I figured I would throw this question out to the Kinja commentariat. You don't have to say where you live. Just say what you love about it. It could be a certain place, or the food, or the people, or whatever comes to…

Gawker: Your Nonstop Source For Today's Weather?

Capital New York has picked up a Buzzfeed report that Gawker might start a weathercentric site:

Screw Christmas Trees. Get A Menorah. Screw Christmas Trees. Get A Menorah.

While the dregs of society battle over whether childless adults should or should not own giant dead trees and decorate them with baubles in an attempt to recapture their childhoods or brighten up their dreary, snark-filled journalist lives, we beseech you to consider alternatives.

Microsoft's New Bra (!) Will Tell If You're Stressed Out

Yes, that's right. Microsoft's R&D unit is working on a new "intelligent bra" that would contain sensors that would sense if the wearer is freaking out. Take it away, Las Vegas Guardian Express:

Late-Night Talk Show Writers Might Get A Great Christmas Gift This Year

A group of Republican state legislators and political operatives are set to meet with Donald Trump on Wednesday in an attempt to convince him to run for governor, the Daily News has learned.

"Joan, from Upper West Side" calls into local cable news show, really does not like the outer boroughs "Joan, from Upper West Side" calls into local cable news show, really does not like the outer boroughs

Our dear old friend Foster Kamer, now at Complex, unearthed this amazing gem of a call to NY1's nightly show The Call, recounting a meeting with Bill de Blasio - the newly-minted frontrunner in the race for New York City mayor - about the city's stop-and-frisk policy, which was recently struck down in court.

So ESPN's ratings are down. They have a competitor set to launch in a few weeks. The WWL is desperate. How desperate, you ask? Desperate enough that they're considering bringing back the Big Giant Head. Deadline reports that Keith Olbermann is in "serious discussions" to host a late-night talk show on ESPN2.

NYC Financial District Lunchtime Power Rankings

I've been working in Lower Manhattan for 3 months now. There are a lot of food options. Few of them are good. Here are how I currently rank them.

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