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Nova Nova

We adopted a new kitty this evening. I think I will call him Nova because of the explosion of light on a dark background. He is very affectionate and has a good motor. 

Power Wrench Power Wrench

Replacing the batteries and hoping I don’t explode.

The Noise The Noise

This is a good one with headphones. 

Pooh in the Fridge Pooh in the Fridge

My wife made this awesome cake. There is going to be 10 9 year old girls in the house for my daughter’s birthday party here in an hour. Pray to whatever gods you worship for my sanity.

For No Good Reason For No Good Reason

Today was all over the place. Spent the morning at a town hall with our CFO this morning. He is a a good guy. I would not be surprised if he ends up running the company when Ed retires. Did some stuff around the office.  Had what I think might be a good idea. Went to my daughter’s school and was the mystery reader.…


I just heard that our airline is paying the salaries for National Parks Service employees at Martin Luther King historical sites here in Atlanta this weekend. This will allow them to open up to the public. While some will say big business needs to stay out of social issues, I’m a proud employee to hear this.

WTF - An Oppo Conversation WTF - An Oppo Conversation

I know YouTube comments can be a pit of scum and villainy on a good day, but what is up with the hate for this ad? I don’t see it saying men shouldn’t be masculine. I see it saying men shouldn’t be assholes. Is that such a terrible message? Bullying and crappy sexist behavior being pointed out is threatening to…

Bobby Unser Dinner with Racers Bobby Unser Dinner with Racers

If you haven’t listened to Uncle Bobby on Dinner with Racers you need to. He lived through the golden era of open wheel, won 3 Indy 500s, a ton of Pike’s Peak Hill climbs and the hearts of many ladies. It is worth the time.

Cape Town Cape Town

Anyone been to Cape Town? Any hotel recommendations? How tough is it getting to/from the airport?

It’s Race Day People! It’s Race Day People!

My daughter’s first Pine Wood Derby as a Cub Scout. In her words, “I want the big trophy”. We will see how it goes. She did a lot of the work. I cut the shape since scouts can’t use power saws, but she sanded and painted it, smoothed the axles and wheels, put in the weights and tail. I mounted the wheels to the car.…

This Is Good This Is Good

They showed this video during our company leadership meeting yesterday. We are a big multinational business with all kinds of people in our workforce. We serve the entire spectrum of humanity in our customer base. It was one of the best examples of diversity and inclusion that I have seen. 

Politics Politics

so, who’s going to blink first?

#kinjahelp - login issue

I can login to Oppo just fine, but not io9 or Jalopnik.  Any idea why?

Caffeine and Octane - Atlanta Pics Caffeine and Octane - Atlanta Pics

I took the Mini. Saw some cool stuff and talked with some nice folks.

Yoda Yoda

Yoda screwing with Luke is the best part of Last Jedi.

Atlanta Oppos - Caffeine and Octane Atlanta Oppos - Caffeine and Octane

I think I’m going to Caffine and Octane tomorrow. I haven’t gone in years. Anyone else going?

SR-71 Ejection Seat Test SR-71 Ejection Seat Test

Aided by T-Bird.

Goonies Goonies

Hey you guys! Bootie traps. 

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