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Medical Costs Medical Costs

Some medical math. Thus far my wife’ medical issue has cost $208k. Our insurance plan discounts amount to $127K and our insurance provider has paid $78K. We maxed out our $5k out of pocket requirement 11 hours into her first hospital stay. I’m grateful for having pretty good insurance and being able to fund our HSA.…

Stand On It Stand On It

It’s got an automotive theme. Sort of. I built a Ready Player 1 playlist for my son on Prime Music and this song was on the list. It’s pretty good.  A bit basic, but fun. 

Boom! Boom!

The X-1 on the anniversary of its sound barrier breaking flight.

Boston Pics Boston Pics

It turns out that today was the 250th anniversary of the British landing troops in Boston to occupy the city. This led to the Boston Massacre’ Tea Party and Paul Revere’s ride.

Today’s Adventure Today’s Adventure

Taking the kids to see the USS Constitution and Paul Rivere’s House. A quick day trip to get out of the house and get some history. 

Hot Take Hot Take

Staying Alive, without the vocals, isn’t a bad song. The beginning is repetitive, but the middle and end are solid. 

Remembering Alderaan Remembering Alderaan

We completed a extensive remodel of our office spaces at work a few months ago. It is very nice. They added a bunch of conference rooms. One of my friends taped a sign on one during construction calling it the Alderaan Memorial room. When the real sign guys came through they made it permanent. It makes me happy. I’m…

Eclipse Cross Eclipse Cross

Spotted in the wild. It was wearing California distributors plates as well. As a Mitsubishi owner for the last 17 years (I know, that’s crazy), I’m not thrilled. I guess that rear light bar is supposed to mimic the second gen Eclipises wing?


We can tolerate some art here, right?


We can tolerate some art here, right?

First Man First Man

Last night my daughter and I went to a sneak peak of First Man, the Neil Armstrong biopic. On the whole it was good. It is not The Right Stuff or Apollo 13. It felt more like you were seeing his memories. It was fairly subdued in tone, but that fits Armstrong as a person. He wasn’t flamboyant or outgoing. The…

Oktoberfest Oktoberfest

That is all. Beer, Sausage and music. 

 Venture Bros Book  Venture Bros Book

I picked up The Art and Making of the Venture Bros. The book is glorious. No kidding. 375 pages of high density Venture content. There is no filler. It’s crazy detailed for a book about a cartoon the runs every few years. I love it.

Need a Tow? Need a Tow?

Here is a F-106 being towed by a C-141A as part of a NASA experiment. The intent was to test to see if a delta winged rocket could be towed to altitude by a transport category aircraft. It worked, but you had to be careful.

The 2020 Commision Report The 2020 Commision Report

I’m reading this right now and it is pretty well done. It is a little political, but it paints the folks in the book in a way that isn’t too far out of what we hear to be true. Some of it you have to take with a grain of salt, but you can see how we could go from a unfortunate incident to smoking cities pretty…

Ford Prefect Ford Prefect

Watching Hirchhikers Guide to the Galaxy with the minions. Resistance is...

The Plan The Plan

Today is the first weekend in a LONG time where I don’t have to do anything. I expect that with my wife’s medical condition that won’t last, so I am going to make the most/least out of it. So, I stayed in bed until 930, had leftovers for breakfast, might go out to the garage and install the replacement seat belts in…

I’m Doomed  I’m Doomed 

I think my new shower door may be posesed by a 16th century sorcerer. What can go wrong?

Alan Bean Would Approve Alan Bean Would Approve

Of artists going to the moon.

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