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Solo Solo

Good stuff. Worthy.

Falling Rockets Falling Rockets

Very interesting Twitter thread on what happens to Russian boosters after launches out of Biakonur

Lung Transplant Lung Transplant

Spent the day pulling the Weber side draft setup out of the Mini and installing a more traditional SU HIF38. First turn of the key it fired right up and idled smooth. It drove nicely down the road and I haven’t even tuned it. This makes me happy.

May 18, 1980 May 18, 1980

Mount St. Helens has its major eruption. This is what happens when a mountain falls apart.

That’s My Boy

My guy getting his groove on! (Clicky for Twitter video)


Some interesting pics of Kilauea on Twitter. Don’t mess with valcanos.

Service Animal Service Animal

This is relevant to my interests.

The Evo The Evo

This makes me happy. Have I mentioned that this makes me happy? It does.

Nom Nom

Kababs need to be part of your grilling arsenal.

N24 N24

The Nürburgring 24 is happening now. Radio Le Mans is doing the call. You should be watching/listening.

The Evo is Home The Evo is Home

After 2+ months at the body shop the Evo is home and straight. Now I just need to get it recertified for road use.

Avengers Theory - Spoiler Avengers Theory - Spoiler

Spoiler speak after the jump.

Skyraider! Skyraider!

Walking trough the hangar and a Skyraider appears. There are worse things to run into. Didn’t realize how HUGE the fuselage mounted speed brakes are.

Old School Wrench Turner Opinions Needed Old School Wrench Turner Opinions Needed

So, our ‘90 Mini still doesn’t run like I would like. I’ve changed plugs and wires, cleaned out the carb and adjusted the valves. It runs fine at idle and above 3800 rpm. It has an aftermarket Weber carb on it and I think it is just too much for the 998cc engine. Any thoughts? Anything else I should look at?

998cc 998cc

The little engine that might.

ATL Area Oppos - Concours d'Lemons / Mitty ATL Area Oppos - Concours d'Lemons / Mitty

Concours d’Lemons will be at the Mitty this weekend. If you enter you can get into the Mitty for cheap. I’m planning on taking the ‘90 Mini.

Neko Case Neko Case

is going on tour. You know what to do.

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