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New Venture Bros Tonight! New Venture Bros Tonight!

Finally! Tonight!

It’s Right Behind You It’s Right Behind You

The Phantom being sneaky.

The Fleet The Fleet

I resisted the car gene as long as I could. My grandfather, dad and uncles always had a bunch of cars, but I kept it to 2 or 3 for a long while. think it may have gotten the better of me now. So here we have all our road legal cars. 05 Mini Cooper S, 2000 Mustang GT (soon to be race car), 02 Chevy Silverado, 18 Honda…

Shanghai Part 2 Shanghai Part 2

A few months ago I posted about a position in Shanghai with my company that I was making a run at. Well, it evaporated. It would have been a promotion. It has come back, but moved down a notch to my pay grade. I’m going to give it a shot. It’s a bit of a bummer that the immidate step up is gone, but I’m still game to…

It Is Alive! It Is Alive!

Almost a year after getting rearended and deemed totaled/salvage by the insurance company the Evo is recertified and back on the road. Got the plates on Friday and took it out and about to run errands today.  Even had someone compliment the car at the gas station. Makes me very happy.

I Did a Jeep Thing I Did a Jeep Thing

Our rental in Idaho is a 2019 Cherokee Limited. Took it up some logging roads in search of mountain huckleberries. We were successful on both counts.

DOTS: Idaho DOTS: Idaho

Ready for anything. I’m kind of impressed. This quad is clearly able to cope with everything and anything. 


Saw a large eagle doing its thing today. Good start to the holiday. 

Homecoming Homecoming

The point where Michael Keaton’s character realizes Peter is Spider-Man is probably one of the 5 best moments in the Marvel movies. Keaton turns on the whole dangerous crazy.

I Like Planes I Like Planes

I like the 757. I like going home.

Bent Mini Bent Mini

A lady rear ended us in the 90 Mini while we were sitting at a stop light. She tried to come up with a few excuses, but the officer sited her as being at fault. Now I get to see how All State does at fixing a classic car. I kept very calm, but insisted on the police coming and that we would be having the insurance…

Stranger Things Season 3 Snooping Stranger Things Season 3 Snooping

Took the boy, the Mini and ran over to Gwinnett Place Mall where they have redone a portion to reflect 1985 suburbia. Starcourt Mall from Hawkins, Indiana looks about the way I remember 1985 looking when I was 11. They had a pristine 1985 Chrysler K car convertible in there as well, but I couldn’t get a good pic of it…

James Gunn James Gunn

The sacking of James Gunn over 10 year old tweets is ludicrous. The outrage around his firing by his supporters is also ludicrous because similar things have been done against members of the right. The tit for tat middle school slap fight between the Ds and the Rs have led us to this point. Both sides need to get…

No. Just No.  No. Just No. 

FFS Donald wants to replace the iconic paint job on Air Force One. I’ve been lucky enough to be up close with the 757s that wear that paint and it is gorgeous. Respectable and bright. I try really hard not to get tied up in the swirl of outrage that follows this person, but it is like painting the White House an nice…

RAF 100 RAF 100

The Royal Air Force is 100 today and did a massive flyby of London. The RAF loves their big ship formations.

Saturn V Saturn V

Dropped the boy off at Space Camp this afternoon and got to spend some time with the Saturn V, Apollo Command Module Casper (Apollo 16) and the F-1 engine at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. Turns out the F-1 was intended to be used, but was damaged in a fire and never went back into circulation. The…

Movie Night  Movie Night 

Introducing the boy child to the last of the V8 Interceptors.

New LeMons Race Car New LeMons Race Car

We will be selling our Escort and this 2000 Mustang GT will be our new ride to fame and glory. It belonged to a friend of mine and was very well maintained. Only the paint was showing some fade due to Georgia sun and Ford quality. 

AvGeeking - ATL Airport Tour AvGeeking - ATL Airport Tour

I took today off and took part in a behind the scenes tour of the Atlanta airport. We were able to visit their Ops Center and Mobile Command Post as well as view the runways from a couple of spots in the grassy areas of the airfield. We also got to pop into the Delta ramp tower. All pretty interesting things and stuff…

Minis on Parade Minis on Parade

Joined with group of Mini owners taking part in a 4th of July parade today. We had he only classic, but that’s ok. It decorated up nicely. I also worked to sort out the cooling system this week. Japanese Minis have an extra electric fan that helps out here in Atlanta. For some reason the thermostat built into the…

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