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Is Kinja Working Today?

Seriously, yesterday it was a shit show. I don’t know if it’s this whacky “Edge” browser, or some funky network settings at work or what.

Poot Butt Garage

Welp. I’ve decided that I’m done with paying other people for the privilege of working on my car. My first victory was cracking open the door and replacing a busted door handle, I moved on to replacing a thermostat, and, just a couple of weeks ago, finally fixing a window by replacing the regulator and motor. It…

Poot Butt Garage - Case Closed: Overheating

When I left off things were looking dicey. My car was not running and I had stuck engine mount bolts that needed to be removed so I could change the serpentine belt and water pump. But I felt calm and confident that I was going to figure out a way to make it happen. Under most circumstances I’m wound pretty tight, but…

Compact Diesel Pickup Trucks!!

So I’m down in Chile for the next six months and it looks like I’m going to need to purchase/lease/long term rent a vehicle while I’m here. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are a boat load of compact, 4-door, diesel pickup trucks on the road down here. Any Jalops care to make a specific recommendation?


Check 1,2. Wondering if/when/how anyone will see stuff I post via Kinja? Holla in the comments if you have a second.

Messing With Kinja

I'm just doing this to see where it ends up being posted. I'm very confused by this Kinja thing, at 44 I'm turning into one of the olds.