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Any Oppos in Iowa?

Thinking about going to pick this up: https://quadcities.craigslist.org/cto/d/reduced-for-quick-sale1990/6592807210.html

Been Doing House Stuff Been Doing House Stuff

Wife decided we needed to redo our entry way, so we gutted it and started over. Don’t have pics of it before, but I have some along the way:

When Your Uncle Buys a Trailhawk When Your Uncle Buys a Trailhawk

Then proceeds to try to show how cool it is by driving up and down banks in the yard. Bitch Please:

Easter Egg and Wheel Work Easter Egg and Wheel Work

My little Easter Egg arrived last night:

More to do. More to do.

Thanks to Wisconsin’s overuse of spray salt this winter, my rust free van now has 2 gaping holes in the rockers:


What is it with Subaru guys and riding clutches?

Weekend Progress Weekend Progress

Got my wiring all sorted on the car (engine at least). Confirmed my Solenoid pack, TCM, and TPS are in working order. Engine still runs like a dream, trans still fails to shift out of 2nd gear.

Ordered a Thing Ordered a Thing

Thought this would be a good “easter egg” on the car’s hood:

Name that Plug Name that Plug

Mystery plug may be the cause of all my issues:

Progress leads to issues Progress leads to issues

Got the engine and trans mated last night:

Weekend Progress Weekend Progress

Got the hood/fender done on Saturday. My 2 cousins and my 2 oldest daughters did all the paint work:

WTF April? WTF April?

We had high 50s last week. Then got 6 inches of snow on top of 1 inch of ice Saturday/Sunday. Monday/Tuesday were high 40s, then yesterday came along:


I’ve been searching for a Turbo Van for years. Of course I find one..........ACROSS THE COUNTRY!

Engine Mounts Engine Mounts

Figured I’d post up on my filled engine mounts. A few more days of drying before they get installed, but I’m hoping they do the trick:

Engine Out, Engine Bay Ready. Engine Out, Engine Bay Ready.

Left work at 2 yesterday, decided I needed to really get cracking, so I went home and started ripping the old drivetrain out, finally!

Help Save My Wife and I's Favorite Local Station

Hank AM 1550 is our most listened to station while cruising down the road and now they need help to stay on air.

More Progress More Progress

Got a little farther last night. Got both axles tore out, removed the front motor mount and the trans mount, so they could be Poly filled, decided to carry the graffiti into the inner fenders:

New Look Out Back New Look Out Back

Decided it was too cold to do any real work this weekend, so I got my taillights sorted:

Lights Lights

Thought I’d take some shot of my new lights and the difference they make:

More Progress More Progress

So after some pondering and planning, we’ve decided to do a “galaxy” theme on the hood/fender of the car.

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