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Congratulations to IdeasOfFireAndIce and Wait, What Now? Congratulations to IdeasOfFireAndIce and Wait, What Now?

As some of you may know, I am a bit of a fan of the IdeasofFireAndIce channel on YouTube. Lots of good info on various book, film, and TV series there combined with goofy and downright intense readings from Sci Fi and fantasy books. Well, the creator Quinn recently decided to post a picture of himself showing off his…

Silverman Stole My Joke! Silverman Stole My Joke!

For anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, Sarah Silverman’s show on Hulu I Heart You America is actually pretty decent. Well, she recently decided to tackle James Gunn and Mike Cernovich recently in a pretty good monologue (loved the Jim Gaffigan bit at the end), and it’s worth checking out.

Well, God Damn! Well, God Damn!

I know this has been making the rounds the past few days, but I didn’t see anyone post it on here yet, so I thought I would show folks one of the reasons why Dragon Con is the best con out there.

Better Get the Rock Better Get the Rock

So, I wanted to post this today, but also wanted to use O-Deck again and test out and see if I can get folks who have been following me on io9 over here. By using O Deck, I also get a little more room to breathe and try a longer than normal post.

It Doesn't End It Doesn't End

See that up there? That’s the logical continuation of what happened yesterday. James Gunn lost his job, and ultimately not just because of some dirty jokes he had told years go, but because the alt-right had crafted a narrative consisting of accusations of pedophilia and attending snuff parties. They managed to get…

Burninatin' the Countryside Burninatin' the Countryside

I... what? A what now? A Trogdor boardgame? For real? Like, this is a thing? Alright then, I can get get behind this.

Oh Mandy Oh Mandy

The trailer for Mandy finally hit today, and it is as bonkers and bizarre looking as I had hoped.

Review-a-torium: Tales From the Loop Review-a-torium: Tales From the Loop

Welcome to the first in a series of reviews I plan on writing here that will cover a variety of tabletop games. I have managed to collect a decent amount of RPGs, card games, and board games over the years, so I thought I would start reviewing the ones I’ve actually managed to play on occasion. What I like, what I…

Last Larry Standing

Hello you...

For Freedom! For Freedom!

It was back in 2016 or so that I wrote up an article on a Kickstarter for a sweet looking board game called Venom Assault. It managed to get funded, went out, and I had a pretty damn good time playing it. I have a... thing for the 80's, especially the various comics and animated series that were big during that time,…

There Can BE Only One! There Can BE Only One!

Remember Highlander? You know, that movie that came out in 1986 and was pretty frickin’ sweet? The one that thankfully didn’t get any increasingly pointless sequels that ruined the entire point of the movie? Wasn’t that pretty great? Lord knows I really enjoy it, and I even got to share it with my oldest the other…

The Storm Has a Name... The Storm Has a Name...

The High Lords have invaded Earth, dominating us, and spreading their own realities over ours. The dark Cyberpapacy rules over large sections of Europe, India is under control of the monstrous realm of Orrorsh, and large swathes of the United States have been conquered by the low-tech Living Lands. The only thing that…

Justice League Possibly Filming Major Re-shoots Justice League Possibly Filming Major Re-shoots

Well... this is interesting if true. Definitely a grain of salt here, but Batman-on-Film is reporting that the Justice League movie is doing some pretty major reshoots. Re-shoots that may run from June all the way through August, which is kind of insane. That’s basically enough time to film an entire movie. According…

You Got 50,000 on Double Dragon? You Got 50,000 on Double Dragon?

I gotta admit, I still love me a good beat’em up game. Hell, I was practically raised on those bad boys, every quarter munching one. I’m not sure how much money I pumped into games like Double Dragon and Final Fight, but I’m sure my 401k would be doing a lot better had I never found these games in the local arcade.

The Devil Wants Your Soul... and Your Mountain Dew The Devil Wants Your Soul... and Your Mountain Dew

People whisper in hushed tones about a corruption taking hold in the world. A secret wildfire spreading from basement to basement called tabletop. Some say it is evil, some say it is turning their kids into monsters, and some say it is summoning demons.

Thank the Maker

This past weekend was pretty crazy, and it doesn’t look like this has made the rounds here (near as I can tell), but Lucasfilm has made an official announcement regarding the possibility of using CGI Leia in future Star Wars movies, and they are not going forward with any such plans.

2016 Keeps Sucking

It looks like Carrie Fisher may have suffered a major heart attack. Come on 2016, don’t get any worse.

Roleplaying in the 80's That Never Was... But Should Have Been

In 1954, the Swedish government ordered the construction of the world’s largest particle accelerator. The facility was complete in 1969, located deep below the pastoral countryside of Mälaröarna. The local population called this marvel of technology The Loop.

Oh, What a Day... What a Lovely Day... the Game! Oh, What a Day... What a Lovely Day... the Game!

Kickstarter, you will be the death of my damn wallet. After putting down money on some new games the past few months that range from the interesting (Unfair), to the creative (Coriolis), to the just plain pleasant (Herbaceous), here comes one that looks like plain ol’ crazy balls-to-the-wall action; The Devil’s Run:…

Do you have the CHOPS? Do you have the CHOPS?

Are you ready to rock? I know I sure as hell am! I love the Rock and/or Roll, board games, and to have fun on the occasion. CHOPS - The Rock and Roll Board Game looks like it’ll combine all three of those things into one neat little package. Now in its last 48 hours, CHOPS has already been more than funded, but still…

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