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Good Morning Good Morning

It’s the second day of Second Place Week.... and a Tuesday. I’m sure it’ll be fanfuckingtastic.

Monday Evening Open Thread

One day down in Second Place week. I am unimpressed so far. How’s it going with you?

Good Morning

It’s Monday and the beginning of Second Place Week.... I’m sure you’re excited and that Snax’ll be along later to explain whatever that’s about.

Father's Day Evening Open Thread Father's Day Evening Open Thread

Well, that’s it for Ocean Week and Father’s Day. How’d everything go?

Here's a 10 Hour Video of Life Underwater

BBC Earth and Ocean X Media are trying to provide a little education about our oceans. It also works pretty well for stress relief.

Good Morning Good Morning

What’s up? Big Caturday plans? I’m sleeping in for as long as possible.

Good Morning

Hey! Hey! Wake up! It’s the end of the week! Are you excited?

Thursday Evening Open Thread

We’re almost there.... one day to go. Gonna make it?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Halfway done. How’s your week going?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

So did Tuesday come crashing down on you today?

Good Morning

It’s Tuesday... which means you may as well be that fish right there... because fuck that fish in particular.

Monday Evening Open Thread

Fucking hell, today was a Monday. What’s up with you?

Good Morning Good Morning

It’s Monday. I’m sure you’ll accomplish a lot of important things today.

Sunday Evening Open Thread

That’s it for Amusement Park Week. Time to get back to work tomorrow!

Caturday Evening Open Thread Caturday Evening Open Thread

My Caturday was more difficult than was necessary. How was yours?

Good Morning

What kind of excitement do you have lined up for the weekend?

What's Your Favourite Amusement Park Food?

Deep-fried Oreos, Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, and more... There’s no shortage of artery-blocking, coronary-causing, diabeetus-inducing options to choose from at your various theme parks, carnivals, and fairs.... all either deep-fried and/or probably served on a stick.

Good Morning

It’s the end of the week, AND it’s World Oceans Day! What do you have planned?

Thursday Evening Open Thread

One more day to go, kids.

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