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Lunchtime Score and Mystery Lunchtime Score and Mystery

Sometimes perusing Craigslist pays off. In this instance it netted me a brand new UT Models 993 GT2 for a whopping $10 from an obscure thrift store in the next town over. You read that right, it’s not missing a zero.

LaLD Car Week: Fuel Up LaLD Car Week: Fuel Up

I’ve been absent the last few days, lots going on over here. I will throw this last one in the ring as my wildcard from back in 2016. Though not a popular cast to work with I really enjoyed the frustrating challenge of masking compound curves. If you look close enough those really are Shell decals on the axle ends!

LaLD Car Week: A Silver Unicorn LaLD Car Week: A Silver Unicorn

The original Porsche GT2. The epitome of automotive design and mechanical perfection combined? It’s debatable but in my opinion Porsche checked all the right boxes on this one.

LaLD Car Week: Living the Outlaw Life LaLD Car Week: Living the Outlaw Life

Did you really expect me to post anything different today? By far my biggest and best accomplishment in the world of small cars to date. It’s probably responsible for the highest amount of foot traffic for a single post on this site, mods correct me if I’m wrong.

LaLD Car Week: Alpine Ambulance LaLD Car Week: Alpine Ambulance

I really love digging into the archives for some of my favorite builds. Those of you who have been around for awhile will recall the Super Fly builds from back in May of 2016. This was my entry, the combination of a HW bus and a MB Blizzard Buster to make an Alpine Ambulance. If I had more time I was going to deck it…

LaLD Car Week: A Little Red Italian LaLD Car Week: A Little Red Italian

Since I have no time to play I’ll bring some old posts/customs back from the dead. This guy is from July 2016 and is still one of my favorites...

Indeed, They Have Arrived Indeed, They Have Arrived

Went to Target for milk and came home with some soup. Luckily there was a Skyline left out of 4 sets and absolutely no VW buses. Plenty of Hondas, Supervans and Vanagons.

It's Been Awhile It's Been Awhile

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Going through some life growing pains and struggles at the moment. In that same train of thought I’m preparing to move into what will most likely be a much much smaller space then I’m currently in and inevitably this means downsizing in many ways. Unfortunately, this also means I won’t have…


By the numbers. 16 people, 5 boxes>20 cases, 4 STHs. No super for me but plenty of other awesomeness. Good luck hunting!

1 Mmm Opportunity  1 Mmm Opportunity 

If you haven’t noticed it has been a wealth of opportunity around my work this week. Today delivered. Belongs to a friend of mine. Will easily light up tires rolling on the gas in 2nd gear. 👍

Did Someone Say Audi R8? Did Someone Say Audi R8?

We had this come through the shop today, sadly it has the horrible first generation auto trans, not as bad as a BMW SMG but pretty close. Nevertheless not a bad car to look at, similar V8 4.2 that’s in the same year RS4 sedan that sounds mean.

Wheel Swap Wednesday One Take Wheel Swap Wednesday One Take

NASCAR BMW CSL. Been kicking around my project back lot for quite awhile now. Just kinda dig the look, doubt I’ll ever do anything else with it. Because wheel lettering.

Twinning Twinning

It’s been a gold mine around the shop lately. Here are two that I meant to post up yesterday. Word on the street is an R8 is on the schedule for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Now That's a HAWL Now That's a HAWL

Thanks to SN210 for hooking it up. A lot of stuff I’ve been looking for ages at prices that made my eyeballs fall out. Too generous man! I love this community!

Cal-look Custom: 1952 Split Window on Fuchs Cal-look Custom: 1952 Split Window on Fuchs

If anyone has a soft spot for early beetles it’s definitely myself as I’ve owned three in my short life span, everything from bone stock to full Cal-look/resto mod. When I saw that M2 was coming out with a 1:24 scale of a 1952 split in this pastel green it immediately struck a cord with me as my 1956 beetle was the…

I Like a Good Mystery I Like a Good Mystery

The new mystery car set is loaded this year with something for everyone. Here’s my small hawl of the ones that caught my fancy. I will definitely be on the lookout for the chase model, a matte black and gold liveried Ford GT race car (the older casting). The Mazda RX7 and Lancia Stratos are the best of the bunch in my…

Teutonic One Take: Jager 934.5 Teutonic One Take: Jager 934.5

A pretty cool custom by @jamespeterpanhw on Instagram that I recently won in a raffle. I swapped out classic chrome mesh wheels for some gold RR mesh wheels and called it a day. Enjoy!

Stuttgart Sunday: Custom Porsche 959 Stuttgart Sunday: Custom Porsche 959

Slowly getting back into the customs game post Emory project/having a daughter born earlier this month. I found my inspiration on Instagram when I came across the picture of the white 959 Gruppe B prototype.

Twinning Twinning

A good friend of mine stopped by the shop to share his recently finished 911 outlaw build. He’s owned the car since high school much like his dad who still owns his 356 Outlaw that he bought in high school. I guest drove the 356 last autocross season for a few runs, I might just have to do the same in this 911. With…

Grocery Run Grocery Run

Grabbed these 3 out of the 6, the Mini and Lamborghini did not interest me, no Jeep oddly enough but not my thing either. Super stoked to happen across these. Carry on.

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