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Rennsport Reunion: The Outlaw Rennsport Reunion: The Outlaw

While I’m just as excited to make the 2 hour drive up the coast to Rennsport next weekend to see all of the history from Germany, I’m also excited to see the new history being made out of shop in North Hollywood.

Touring Car Thursday Touring Car Thursday

1998 BMW 320i touring car by UT Models in 1:18 scale. A recent acquisition from Tfritch that is a work in progress, needs some clean up and detailing but overall a great diecast. It sat awkwardly high for touring car so that had to be taken care of asap!

B.Matchbox.W B.Matchbox.W

Some new releases acquired so I brought the rest out to play. BMW M5 and the “i’s”.

6x6x3 6x6x3

Mercedes 6x6 G63 in a few variations. If you look closely, though hard to tell from this angle, they are symbolically arranged.

Throwback Thursday: 90s GT Racing  Throwback Thursday: 90s GT Racing 

Probably the quintessential era of my 1:18 collection, though I prefer the 50s and 60s, is most definitely the 90s. I could seriously line up an impressive starting grid of ‘98 to ‘00 GT and Prototype cars for a fantasy 24 Hours of Le Mans start!

Working Wednesday: Easter Egg Edition  Working Wednesday: Easter Egg Edition 

Matchbox is an interesting brand. Distribution is generally very poor and how they market the brand is brow raising at best. They do however produce some of the best licensed 1:64 for under a buck in my opinion. If you can find them.

Thursday on the Thames: Wheel Swap Thursday on the Thames: Wheel Swap

Revisiting an old friend from 2015, this XJ220 from the Speed Machines series. I’ve had these 3D printed wheels from @bjorn_ready and wanted to give them a shot. Painted by hand and custom axles with a drop and inner fender clearance. I had already painted the tail lights back in 2015. Can’t beat green and gold, it…

Raising Them Right Raising Them Right

Toddler+paint+Hotwheels = childhood memories.

Mail Call Mail Call

CamshaftChris and Plasticprints came through today. The massive loose haul is from Plasticprints jammer sale, so much good stuff. I realized I still left a few behind that I wanted. Amazingly I don’t have 99 percent of these in my collection yet, super stoked to fill in some gaps!

RotB: Veneno Family  RotB: Veneno Family 

I believe these are all the variations except the white Kroger exclusive. Someone please send it to me. Bonus image at the bottom.

A Good Week A Good Week

Summer time hawl! I found most of the new stuff I was looking for this week without much effort between three stores. Brickseek has been an utter failure in accuracy in my area so I’ve been hunting on intuition. The Honda series was wiped out at both Walmarts except for the Monkey which I actually collect, but I…

Thrift Store Finds Thrift Store Finds

Got a tip from my dad of all people that there was a basket of Hotwheels at a local thrift store. These are what I walked away with. Ice cream truck because summer time.

Well Well Well Well Well Well

Found these on the shelf at my Walmart today. No pricing. Just hanging out on the lower shelf. Now my wallet is much lighter. Will crack tomorrow. Still need a 50th premium set if anyone has a spare. Also an Audi RS6, where are all the new mainlines? Thought I'd see those way before these transporters. Long live the…

PPIHC/Goodwood Redux PPIHC/Goodwood Redux

So stoked to have this first edition added to the collection. As was mentioned earlier today, checking one more off the list! Hillclimb vehicles for the win!

Thanks LaLD! Thanks LaLD!

I have to say this has been probably the best round of HWEP transactions since I started collecting. Here are just a few of the trades I received from you guys. For those that didn’t trade monetary transactions were prompt and generous. Long live HWEP!

The 1:64 Collection  The 1:64 Collection 

I feel like I’m in bit of a sharing slump lately. One reason I felt like offering all my hoard recently, to par down and focus on what I have. I feel like I haven’t been collecting that long but I think all of us go through that phase eventually. Slow down, focus and appreciate. 

HWEP Success! HWEP Success!

To celebrate here is a quick and dirty custom E30 M3 for a Teutonic Tuesday!

HWEP Update HWEP Update

Sorry everyone, I’m not ignoring you. Didn’t get to die casting this weekend, had family to attend to and was working on the 1:1 Volvo project. I’ll review the lists and send out emails tonight so we can finalize trades.

Who Wants to HWEP?Part 2 Who Wants to HWEP?Part 2

Same rules apply here as in the previous post. If you missed it it’s about 4 posts down on the main page. These are all loose cars, previous post is carded cars.

Who Wants to HWEP? Who Wants to HWEP?

Cleaning out my coffers of wheel donors and general hoarding before I visit the Target returns desk.

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