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Mail Call Mail Call

Got two boxes of awesome today (well three, but one was vintage Volvo related). The first was the closing end of a HWEP from Howard, bringing the vintage heat. The second was from New England Diecast who not only was looking out for me on some newer Matchbox but hooked it up with some great RAOKS! Thanks guys!!!


Target Lunch Haul. VW heavy on the mainlines.

Another Collaboration  Another Collaboration 

...and I want it.

Super Treasure Hunt HWEP? Super Treasure Hunt HWEP?

I always seem to come across STH’s that I don’t really care for so I’ll put this guy up for trade. First world problems right? Looking for carded or open STH’s, specifically the Dodge Super Bee Coronet, Toyota 200oGT, Mastretta MXR, 934.5, or 993 GT2. Will consider other older premiums as well. I have other premiums…

White Wednesday  White Wednesday 

One of my long term hunt items was finally acquired at a reasonable price this week. HW Speed Machines Porsche 911 GT1 98.

MBX 2002 Impressions MBX 2002 Impressions

Ok guys, it might just be or maybe I’m too used to looking at the HW 2002 Turbo version but the proportions and lines just look a bit odd to me. I think a lot of it has to do with the way MBX integrates the base into the body. HW usually goes out of their way to hide the base but MBX seems to embrace it. Decals are…

MBX Finds MBX Finds

MBX is killing it, keep it coming with the classics!!! The mixes at my store had plenty of each to go around.


Small one tonight. Could tell a previous collector had reached the dump bins first as all the Zamacs were neatly stacked in the end bin. Nice to see people are reasonable in my neck of the woods. Left behind nearly a dozen of each myself. The Zamac civic reminds me that I never came across the blue variation of anyone…

GT Hunting GT Hunting

Thought I’d throw this out there but my local grocery store has maybe, maybe one full set of these left. Seems like the big leftover peg warmer for the series was the Ford GT, must be about 20 of them in the bin. Let me know if you’re hunting the full set or something specific and I’ll see what I can manage.

Target Help Target Help

For those wanting to save a few pennies for themselves or the kiddos.

'Merica Monday... Bonjour! [Plus Photography Bonus!] 'Merica Monday... Bonjour! [Plus Photography Bonus!]

So for some reason a good portion of my 1:18 collection gravitates around the ‘98 to ‘00 24 Hours of Le Mans years. I was in high school during those years but cars and certainly endurance racing were not on my radar at the time. So to explain my draw to these endurance racers is undefined but I do enjoy the liveries…

Transporters Anyone? Transporters Anyone?

My Target this morning, left them behind as I am done buying this round.

Spaghetti Sunday: Hommage One Take Spaghetti Sunday: Hommage One Take

Matchbox versus Hotwheels. Blue and gold.

My K Day My K Day

6 collectors. 40 cases. 6 Super Cruella da Ville cars. Very organized, friendly and civil. Each of us got 6 cases and the final 4 were raffled off. We also each got 4 mail in posters each. The case assortments weren’t anything special but I did snag a few extra exclusives if anyone is looking for them.

It's Been A Great Month It's Been A Great Month

The hunt has been strong this month. On top of finding all the Team Transporters multiple times I’ve found two Supers in the wild in one week, totally nuts. Still looking for the Silvia and Corvette. Looking forward to K Day Saturday, hopefully my luck continues. 

Kmart Revelation  Kmart Revelation 

Went into Kmart this morning to badger the store manager, he wasn’t in earlier in the week, boy I’m glad I did. Though there isn’t really anything spectacular in the current Kmart only cases he confirmed that Kday will be on October 20th at the usual AM time. He said he had about 8 cases in the stock roomed marked do…

Candy Corn and MB? Candy Corn and MB?

Glad I made a candy run down the street to Kmart tonight. Fresh stock of everything Matchbox including the working trucks series and power grabs, two or three of everything. Also a forgotten case of Cargo Carriers?

Rennsport Reunion: Photo Dump Rennsport Reunion: Photo Dump

If you follow me on Instagram I apologize for the redundancy but there is a lot here that’s new. I met up with Engineer and Tfritch briefly but unfortunately missed anyone else, to say it was overwhelming is an understatement. I did get to spend some time with Rod Emory and talk with Jeff Zwart. There were many…

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