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Happy Friday Happy Friday

Now let’s get out of here and go home. Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend for those that celebrate it.

What's in the Bag? What's in the Bag?

Series 2 2019 Mystery Models are hitting the shelves and boy is this a rad mix! I ended getting all but 3 casts that I don’t collect, I was so stoked to find the Lamborghini Super Trofeo!

Mail Call Monday M1 Mail Call Monday M1

Ordered up a dealership heritage series 1:18 M1 Procar last week. It was really really cheap with my employee discount. I was a bit disappointed that it was advertised as having opening features but I was skeptical at that to begin with. It’s a lovely model packed full of details and is still diecast so it has a nice…

Saturday Skyline Silhouette Saturday Skyline Silhouette

Couldn’t wait for Sunday alliteration. Dang Hot Wheels. How are you going to top this year? I mean really, at this rate I’m going to need a second job. I love this newest car culture series, the Skyline has to be my favorite out of the bunch.

Lunchtime Gold Lunchtime Gold

Thanks to a tip off from another collector in my area my lunchtime was especially awesome today (and expensive, ouch).

Around the Shop  Around the Shop 

I really do try my hardest not to get sucked into multi packs and to be honest even though I collect this cast I think it’s a pretty odd duck.

Hunt Request Hunt Request

I believe the RLC Magnus Walker release becomes available this week. If anyone can snag a second I’d be happy to compensate. Not usually into RLC releases but I definitely would like this one. Thanks in advance! Porsche content:

McLaren Monday  McLaren Monday 

This sticker has been on our office door for a few years now so I thought I’d take advantage of it for a little diecast moment.

Calling the 90s Calling the 90s

This is so awfully awesome I had to acquire it. I have to give it to Hot Wheels for tooling this very forgettable generation of Volkswagen.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Visiting my creation for the first time since delivering it over a year ago. Emory Motorsport open house last Saturday.

Mail Call Mail Call

In an on going effort from another generous LALD member I was able to obtain quite a few old casts, and a few new ones as well. So grateful for this community and the willingness of members to look out for each other! There were actually a few more cars here that I already slotted into the collection but a 5 pound box…

MOMO Mercedes Monday  MOMO Mercedes Monday 

Mercedes 190 Evo from the Open Track. A few buddies joined in as well. I love this casting! The new MOMO casting got revised headlight decals.

Audi R8 LMS Audi R8 LMS

Open Track versus Project Cars.

Target Hawl Target Hawl

Car culture continues to wow. Doesn’t hurt that my Target had these priced at $2.74 for some reason. Had to go to two stores to complete one set today, both stores sold out of their first waves. No surprise, these are all winners in my book. Managed to nab a few of the Target throwbacks that I had been after as well. …

Speed Trap Sunday  Speed Trap Sunday 

Euro edition one take.

French Friday: Bugatti 57C French Friday: Bugatti 57C

I won’t go into to much detail on this beauty that Doug recently picked up for me in proxy as our own illustrious Craig has covered all the variations in detail.

Call and Haul Call and Haul

Good stuff today. Got my end of a trade from E30Amazon today and found the new Walmart mainline series Backroad Rally.

Teutonic Tuesday: Porsche 934.5 Meet Teutonic Tuesday: Porsche 934.5 Meet

Just a one shot. Trying to get back into taking pictures after a long break. How about a Porsche 934.5 meet behind the shop?

Mail Call Mail Call

Thanks to Doug dek34 for bringing the vintage goodness to my door step. I have a handful of antique malls that from time to time have older stuff but nothing like what Doug is digging up and certainly not at affordable pricing. Glad we’ve been able to work out some great trades, shout out to him for going above and…

Secret Super Secret Super

My secret super came through! I’m super stoked on my gift. The Lamborghini finally completes my Veneno collection and the Buick is a variation I didn’t even know I was missing! The GTX and Mustang are great additions as well!

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