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One year later.... One year later....

Top quality item. I could really do without the carbon fiber hood but that is a small negative. This car is overwhelmingly awesome and deserves to be opened and played with. Love how the yellow roll cage echoes the wheel trim. 2nd one will be up for trade soon.

Just WOW Just WOW

Worth every penny. Fifteen52s look awesome on the outlaw. The motor and interior detail are so cool. Looking forward to my biggest wheel swap yet this spring when my forged TurboMacs go on my new baby.

Stunning model cars Stunning model cars

Just read this over on speedhunters and figured many of you would get a kick out of it. That Scania garage is something else!

Fahrvergnügen Freitag Fahrvergnügen Freitag

Porsche 3 ways.

I'm a bad man I'm a bad man

In this case bad is synonymous with stupid/blasphemous as I ruined a perfectly good RLC datsun with a wheel-swap. Chose these wheels bc they match the headlights. I dig it.

Help please (updated) Help please (updated)

UPDATE: I think I may have gotten 1 but I am not sure. Like the gas monkey truck this thing did not sell out...unless i am misinterpreting this email? Maybe I will get it with the selections datsun in the summer of 19.

Secret Super Secret Super

Thank you so much to (Michael) NewEnglandDiecast for this awesome package. Love the skyline and the mopar power wagon and everything else too. The best part was the customized shipping tag that had a golf R on it...so cool. Now to release them! The power wagon is begging for a wheel swap :)

That was easy... That was easy...

UPDATE: Extra claimed by Cris.

This may be the start of me going beyond wheel swaps This may be the start of me going beyond wheel swaps

This is the HW Greenbrier custom. This is the only version that does not have a ridiculous deco. The other two are a snoopy version and a nestle version. I love the casting but hate the sponsorship on them. I know the tampos used to be easy to remove and have read a lot about the process but from what I can tell the…

The collection continues to grow in unforeseen ways The collection continues to grow in unforeseen ways

Those who follow my posts know I have a thing for unusual cars, and especially amphicars. The evolution of this has been to start looking at boats and the two below have been on the list for a long time. The only way I could find them was on Ebay and ultimately I bit the bullet and go them. They have a special spot in…

Look what got blown in... Look what got blown in...

..with the delivery man. OK, I know, super lame but they are super nice. I think they may be the heaviest 1:64 I own, they feel like a brick. They are a nice addition to my dream halloween Blown delivery aka ‘Graveyard Shift’.

Custom A100 Custom A100

I got this guy off Ebay. Shout out to romkee2006 for the amazing custom paint job. Just a killer combo in my opinion when you contrast the acid green with metallic black. The A1oo lends itself so well to any customizing because of the large surface area. It is the only one in my collection but I suspect a couple more…

Wheel swap success Wheel swap success

Some diecasts were sacrificed but it is for the greater good. Wheels on the amphicar are from the forza 356, 914 from the bmw m3, 935 from the forza ford GT. I have one more amphicar to wheels swap but I need the right tires and axle size...I just do direct swaps. Haven’t tried custom making the axles yet. I am pretty…

Twitchy eBay finger part deux...the expensive part Twitchy eBay finger part deux...the expensive part

Ugh the super nova is stupidly difficult to take a picture off. It is so damn shiny. It has such a a simple but amazing deco that it shoots right to the top of my muscle car/gasser collection. And then the scary (dairy) delivery for the Halloween theme.

Wheel swap considerations Wheel swap considerations

Hey Team LaLD. I have a conundrum. My ebay finger got a little twitchy and I ended up picking up a few older models to add to my porsche/amphicar collection. I am now trying to decide if I should swap some RRs onto them. In particular I think the 935 and 914 would look so much better. Thoughts? On a side note don’t…

T1 ver 2.0 T1 ver 2.0

The RLC T1 rockster arrived and it is a beauty. The spectraflame is great and all but I actually like the subtle pearlescent white roof even more. It ties in nicely with the white roof on the convention version. The details are fantastic down to he suspension in the wheels wells and the license plate on the back. Just…

Seems like the last 2 RLC cars have been less desirable... Seems like the last 2 RLC cars have been less desirable...

How else can you explain the Hi Po Hauler still being available and the T1 not being sold out even though there are only 7000 units. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Hippo and managed to snag the T1 (which I think is literally one of the coolest casting in my collection) but I basically have never been able to get my…

The Hippo is here The Hippo is here

Great spectraflame orangy bronze colour. Using my newly acquired paperweight as a base :)

RR 6 Photo dump and some new goodies RR 6 Photo dump and some new goodies

Hey Guys, long time no post. I have been lurking in the background but have just not had the time to be an active member. I hope for some forgiveness with the following RR6 pics. What an amazing event. On a porsche high right now. Eyeballing the Goodwood festival of speed as the next trip.


So far I have sucked at getting this HWEP thing going, but I am not one to give up that easily. I am looking for the shop trucks vw caddy and the 62 custom. I am also interested in other premium trucks/VWs or Porsches. What I have to offer is below. First come first served. If you have nothing to trade we could…

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