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on advice of my lawyers (not actually my lawyers) I have updated this post

Many sources have claimed that *somebody* has been accused of molesting children. We can not independently verify these claims, but many people are saying it. We can only hope and pray that these claims are not true, and that intrepid reporters at other outlets can confirm that indeed, *somebody* has not committed…

Friday Sidespin Game

Here’s a game. Name the smelly loser who promised us a game today but didn’t deliver.

My 5 favorite Neil Young albums My 5 favorite Neil Young albums

I like Neil Young as much as the next guy, which is to say, a lot. So here, presented without context or discussion are my five favorite NY albums and my favorite song on each.

The Beer Feels Blog The Beer Feels Blog

A quick update from your intrepid Beer Feels blogger: while continuing for another year to investigate the important question of which feels better: a bottle or can, I came across a novel and wonderful beverage container called — and I apologize if I’m mispronouncing this — a growler. I thought it of utmost importance…

Dadspin Gawrker Up All Night Dadspin Gawrker Up All Night

this is what i’ve been reduced to.

The Beer Feels Blog The Beer Feels Blog

I was recently asked a very important question: Does beer feel better in a can or a bottle? I, frankly, was stumped. So I took a year to do some research, which is why there hasn’t been a Beer Blog entry for quite some time. that, and the fact that sidespin died. After a long period of introspection and planning, I…

The Beer Feels Blog The Beer Feels Blog

Welcome to the first installment of Beer Feels, where we rate how a beer feels in your hand. First up, Pacifico.


Another year, another nativity play. and once again that wonk Charlie Brown was fucking it up. But even more predictable were the noises coming from the prop closest. Every year the thought of the baby Jesus in those swaddling clothes got her so worked up - not the biological clock/baby aspect mind you, it was simply…

Keeping the silence

SSE's story about being the worst person on earth brought back a two somewhat painful childhood memories of a similar ilk.

Go on, take the pigskin and run Go on, take the pigskin and run

This article was originally published in Sports Illustrated for Kids in 1999 and is reprinted with permission from the author

A short story

Lord knows I could've used a break this morning. I was on my way hustling to another out-of-the-way store, like I've been doing for weeks now, doing whatever I can to make myself indispensable to the company. I've been working for the same company for over 20 years now, working my way up from short order cook to Vice…

Round upen thread Round upen thread

So, uh, I haven't read comments the last two days. i'm incredibly tired and work-depressed, and also sad that there are no more round-ups. So take pity on this old man and give me some of your favs from the last couple days and entertain me with happy things in the comments.

Guide to Movies You Should Watch Again? Guide to Movies You Should Watch Again?

God, I wish somebody would write a guide to movies you should watch again. That would be great. Maybe something like this?

Donald Sterling's Revenge Plan Donald Sterling's Revenge Plan

- Erect "World's Greatest Owner" statue of self in front of Staples Center

Random Samplings Random Samplings

So, I picked five stories at random, hit all replies, and used a random number generator to pick a comment. Meet the new deadspin, same as your old deadspin.

I am so tired.

I am so tired. I am soo tired. I am sooo tired. I am soooo tired. I am sooooo tired. I am soooooo tired.

A Day as a Cards fan

I was a grad student in California in July of 2003, and I was headed to the International Herpesvirus Workshop in Madison, Wisconsin to present my research. I was flying out of SFO, and it being July, my flight was delayed due to heavy fog. My connection was in St. Louis, and I landed just as my flight to Madison, the…

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