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Trolls: Flying Squid

Racist dipshit pretends there were “never” any POCs in WW1, pretends he never said “all,” then likens POCs in a movie about WW1 to “pink elephants [...] raining out of the sky.” Doesn’t like being told comparing POCs to pink elephants is a false equivalence.

Continuing Discussion

I’m going to dismiss some good comments in a thread so it hopefully doesn’t get pushed up to the top of the comment stack. My angry asshole remark doesn’t have any business being at the top.

Mass Blocking on Twitter Mass Blocking on Twitter

There are, of course, block lists you can subscribe to thanks to #Gamergate, but I’ve always felt a little iffy about them.

How to Deal With Trolls How to Deal With Trolls

Despite some Jezebel employees apparently still believing the “Mod Squad” is a thing, it’s pretty obviously not.

Logitech's G13 Sure Seems Engineered to Fail Logitech's G13 Sure Seems Engineered to Fail

I’m on my second G13. The first one, the spacebar button stopped responding after a year or so. I just decided to buy another anyway since, from my experience with other programmable keypads, this one’s the only one that meets my needs. Even though I got the new one, I held onto my first one just in case.

Trolls: Malcire

These are links to threads in which he advocates for MRAs:

Jezebel Comment Mods? Jezebel Comment Mods?

Late in the night last Saturday, a turd showed up in the SNS and started saying dumb shit to everyone. I emailed Rachel to let her know. When she responded, she said:

What Can Be Done About Trolls?

Kinja desperately needs to get fucking serious about dealing with these endless God damned harassment campaigns.

Support Group Down

Moved it to drafts. Too much ugly.

Trolls: The "Sqarr Raped a Woman" Morons

Started with this conversation:

Trolls: The GOMI Stalkers

These cowardly fucks terrorize Jezebel regulars.

Trolls: PositronicPimp

MRA dickbag:

Trolls: Carrots for Breakfast

Do not click these ones if you don’t feel like seeing photos of horrifically mutilated penises:

Trolls: MysticalPepperSauce

This literal five-year-old child:

Trolls: skeffles

Racist piece of shit:

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