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Just A Reminder Just A Reminder

There sits a Trans Am in my garage that I have neither the time nor money to make road worthy.

DeLorean Stories DeLorean Stories

We all have one. This one is pretty damn good:

Cars & Stuff I Saw On My Disney Trip Cars & Stuff I Saw On My Disney Trip

I went to Disney World for the first time ever, and Universal Studios Orlando last week. Here’s some cars and stuff I saw. First, our very thirsty Durango:

I Was On Vacation In Florida All Last Week I Was On Vacation In Florida All Last Week

What Did I Miss? F&F Ride @ Universal Studios Escort for your time:

Not Sure If Its Been Answered Not Sure If Its Been Answered

How come many 4X4s were needed to extract it, when clearly it was driven there itself?

Grandad's Workshop Grandad's Workshop

I spent a little time over at the in-laws’ looking for a DVD/VCR combo for the kiddos that I knew was there, new in the box. My father in law had purchased it but never used it, and since it was still in the box I had a better chance of it working than the other half dozen or so he had been hoarding in his little…


I sat on that $10 all day and it turned into a $20!

Jalopnik Hates Him Jalopnik Hates Him

Watch Hoovie waste all his money with this one neat trick!


Look at all the cool stuff I can get for my $10 that I found!

Lucky Day Lucky Day

Took my youngest to the park before school and saw what looked like money on the ground. Drove over it, parked (we were the only ones there), walked back to it and yup. It was money.

2019 RAM 1500 Thoughts 2019 RAM 1500 Thoughts

(now that i got up close and personal with one)

'Burban Loses Log Axle 'Burban Loses Log Axle

Purisist everywhere are up in (a) arms.

Ban Semi Trucks Ban Semi Trucks

Also school buses

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