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"Don't Pull A Paul Walker" "Don't Pull A Paul Walker"

I said to him as he pulled out of the shop...

Radwood: Scale RC Style Radwood: Scale RC Style

Found this mixed in with the plebian toys at my Goodwill yesterday. So hell yes I bought it.

Anyone Know How To Sew?? Anyone Know How To Sew??

I have a bunch of these Jeep owners manual pouches in varying styles, and thought they’d make great small purses if someone can add a strap, or a clutch as is.

Unfortunate Crop Unfortunate Crop

I get to hand these quotes to customers. It makes me giggle every time. I’m 12.


Help by voting for my friend’s design (‘MURICAN FLAG) win and make it onto an official BIGFOOT shirt!

Update on Hoovie's Fezza

Of COURSE Tavarish bought it


When did this happen? I had no idea Hoovie lent his F355 to that chucklefuck

Well That Sounds Unfortunate Well That Sounds Unfortunate

Someone got audio/video of the Z4 and Supra at the ‘Ring, but recorded it with a potato and uploaded it to YouPotato.com so it sounds like asscheese.

From This Angle From This Angle

The new Z4 looks like it comes with a Camry Dent

Looks Like AutoBlog Got The Jump Looks Like AutoBlog Got The Jump

On that Lane Motor Car Museum Hobbycar recovery

Now That My RAM Has 10000 Miles Now That My RAM Has 10000 Miles

Time to get an oil change & rotate.... oh and some warranty work done to fix the issues I have:


Someone is making a 3rd gen Durango diecast. I hope they make a Black Bandit version that’ll be closer to my GT than the police version planned.


Since I cannot post to Jalopnik, here’s your star:

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