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More Chapter Fives Than you Can Shake a Stick At! More Chapter Fives Than you Can Shake a Stick At!

Are you tired of the perfidious ways of SJWs and their social-justice-seeking ilk? Sick of hearing about “privilege” and “racism” and “misogyny” and “hey maybe everything’s not about you man”? Dislike John Scalzi for no particular reason but have been afraid of the repercussions from Twitter nobs? Looking for a…

Goodnight, Sweet Prince (Of Darkness) Goodnight, Sweet Prince (Of Darkness)

According to the Telegraph, he passed away last night due to respiratory problems. A onetime Nazi-killin’ commando, king of Hammer Horror, and sometime Christmas metalhead — if Death is not too shy to come for Chris Lee, what chance do the rest of us have?

Niners Hall of Fame

io9 Flashbacks can be funny things. The disclaimer is tucked ways away down at the bottom of the post, and sometimes you'll be 3/4 of the way through when you start to think 'waitaminit... haven't I seen this somewhere before?' and start wracking your brain for your most recent browsing history.

Excellent D&D Tips from a Veteran DM

Fair warning: it's a Kotaku article.

Do You Like Sequels, Batman?

Because I think they'll like you!

Story Time: Memorial Marathoning! Story Time: Memorial Marathoning!

The best thing about getting a day off? It's not sleeping in: it's never having had to go to bed in the first place. If you're a gamer, that means rolling dice until the sun comes up.

AP to Writers: "TL;DR" AP to Writers: "TL;DR"

According to WaPo, there's a memo going around from the AP managing editor indicating new guidelines for story lengths:

How Drunk is Your Country Right Now? How Drunk is Your Country Right Now?

Ever wondered where your country would sit in an international drinking game?

Ford to Sun: "Rehab is AMAZING." Ford to Sun: "Rehab is AMAZING."

Now we know where he went! To a rehab with " two doctors...a captain of industry and a professional athlete."

Story Time: Opening Nights Story Time: Opening Nights

If you've run a game, you know you've done it or thought about doing it.

Where's my goats vertical?

Friday? Good! Friday? Good!

Once upon a time, I may have mentioned I was preparing a thing for a funding agency for many dolla dolla bills. I cannot mention which agency, or how much, or what for (yet). We submitted our thing back in January, and late in February I traveled to Our Nation's Capital to defend the thing, and have been on…

Fantastic Fictional Friday is GO! Fantastic Fictional Friday is GO!

What is this? It's one of these.

Fantastic Fictional Friday Needs YOU

Drillpress and I are doing another one of these:

From one of the Gawker techs commenting over at Ask Nick anything (emphasis mine):

Get Paid for O-Deck Posts? Sure!

While I'm not sure what it says that the folks in charge of Kinja appear to not be so great at disseminating information about Kinja, you sure can learn some interesting shit poking around in their Kinjas. Kinja Kinja Kinja.

The Oncoming Storm

For anybody else who's been poking around with the new commenting system and trying to figure out what the organizing principle is, Denton our Benevolent Overlord posted an explainer or two, which probably should have propagated throughout the Kinja world but obviously didn't. I discovered them by following back a…

Poll: The Great Movie Night Budget Debate of 2014 Poll: The Great Movie Night Budget Debate of 2014

So, on Meredith's article on the upcoming Turtles flick, I made an offhand remark in an otherwise unrelated comment that a movie night out costs, for me, ~$50 (2x tickets + food is about that much here on an average, twice that if I'm bringing the kids).

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